Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frugal heating tip - candles

So, my computer sits by a window.

You know what that means - brrr, cold. And it is hard to type when your hands are frozen to the core!

Since I am trying to be frugal and pay down debt I do not want to crank the heat up. I mean, it does not seem practical to crank the heat up because it is cold in one room.

I have one of those little portable heaters that I thought about bringing in by my computer. But that will take electrcity as well.

Then I remembered something that I used to do when I was in worse financial shape than I am now.


See, I have a bunch of candles that I bought super cheap a long time ago. And people are always giving me candles it seems. So I have quite a supply of them. And guess what, when you burn a candle there is heat! Hooray!

So, by burning candles in the room where I am on the computer, I am able to heat things up a bit just in this room. And if I close the door I can make sure that the heat stays in here with me instead of spreading through out the apartment. It's kind of like Clever Dude's Ways to Save Money #14: Block-Off Unused Rooms only much more ghetto :) But I don't mind being a little ghetto if it saves me some cash in the long run!

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