Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Debt roundup #12

As of 1/31/08, here is where I stand:

  • Car loan = $12,264.67 (last month was $12,498.62 )
  • Credit cards = $25,391.73 (last month was $28,245.41)
  • School loans = $155,383.88 (last month was $155,262.48 )

Last month saw a major breakthrough on the credit card balance with it getting under $30,000. This month I was hoping to get under $25,000. It was close, but not quite.

Student loans balance went up again! It seems that interest that had been accruing on those student loans got posted to the balance. Again. Hate that.

The challenge? See how close I can get the credit cards to $20,000.

Also of note is that while the decrease in credit cards was not substantial my net worth increase was. Net worth is still totally negative though.

Last month's net worth = $(183,996.21)

This month's net worth = $(178,848.26)

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