Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Debt roundup #11

As of 12/31/07, here is where I stand:

  • Car loan = $12,498.62 (last month was $12,753.38 )
  • Credit cards = $28,245.41 (last month was $30,049.38)
  • School loans = $155,262.48 (last month was $155,060.72 )

Oh yeah, major breakthrough on the credit card balance!! Not only did it get under $30,000 but it went down by more than $1800! See what happens when you get serious about debt?

Sadly interest that had been accruing on those blasted student loans got posted to the balance. Argh for that.

Wonder if I can get down to $25,000 for the credit card balance this month?

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