Sunday, November 25, 2007

Survived Black Friday with only one expenditure

How did you fare on Black Friday? Me - I never go out shopping with all of those crazy people. But I do enjoy watching the news at the end of the day to see where the best fist fights were over a laptop or something. That is always a good time.

So, I didn't go anywhere but I still ended up making one purchase. See, I made the mistake of getting online. I didn't look at any shopping sites. But I came across a post on how the Closer was half price on Amazon. I love the Closer and have been wanting to get these DVDs for a few months now. So, I did it. I broke down and ordered them. And from the looks of things the sale is still going on through Monday.

Did I need it? Nope. But I got a good deal and I've been wanting it for a while. So, since I didn't buy anything else, it's okay :)

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