Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday tipping - I don't do it.

I saw an article on Yahoo about holiday tipping. It is basically a guide on who you need to tip extra for Christmas and why. It says that you need to do it because it keeps someone's wage from being minimum wage to a living wage.

From the article...
A study by PayScale of 2007 compensation found, for example, that tips make 47 percent of bartenders' income, 17 percent for bus drivers, 14 percent for barbers, 24 percent for hair stylists, 13 percent for catering managers and 7 percent for housekeepers.
Do you tip extra at the holidays? I don't really do anything that requires tipping other than restaurants. But, I do not tip extra at the holidays just because it is the holidays. When I get superb service I tip extra no matter what time of year it is.

And if someone has chosen to be a bartender or a waitress, they did so knowing what the wages were. Why is it my job to tip them extra so that they make a living wage? I went to school and got a degree and some student loan debt instead of relying on other people to tip me extra at a low paying job.

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