Friday, November 2, 2007

The first jobs of CEOs

There is a fun story from Forbes on CEO's first jobs.

It is a fun little article, but I wish that they has profiled more people. And not only that, but more people that are well known. But it is still a good read. And it might make you feel better about slaving away at your current job :)


frugal zeitgeist said...

That's pretty cool! My first job outside of babysitting was busing tables in a Chinese restaurant. What an eye-opening experience.

jdock said...

You were one of my main inspirations in starting up my own blog. I have some of the same goals in mind when setting this blog up. I would eventually love to travel while making my living from the online world. It is a dream that hopefully is some day obtainable.

Okay, for some reason I posted this on an old article so I am just copying and pasting it here. Sorry for the double posts.

shawna said...

Thanks jdock! Best of luck to you!

FZ - fast food was my first job :(

jdock said...

Don't know if you can call catering fast food, but close enough. I was also a life guard that summer. Don't think any of those CEOs started that way. :)