Monday, October 1, 2007

Sponosored post: Halloween costumes

It is almost that time again - time to get all dressed up for Halloween! Hopefully you are not planning on being a complete slacker when it comes to Halloween costumes and you already have something in mind for your self to dress up as.

You could make something your self or you could always take the easy road and buy a costume. That is less stressful and just plain easier. If you wanted you could even dress your kids up like little NFL linebackers. Don't believe me? Check out NFL Uniform Set and look at their Halloween costumes for kids.

You can have your own little New York Giant, New Orleans Saint or New England Patriot before you know it. Talk about a great and easy costume! You could even have all of your kids dressed in different NFL uniform costumes. You could have one be a New York Jet and one be a San Diego Charger and one a Saint Louis Ram. Or if you really want to be fun make them rivals. For instance, a Cleveland Brown kid versus a Pittsburgh Steeler kid.

Ooh, and when they get candy on Halloween you could have them say "touchdown!" everytime candy is dropped in their little Halloween candy bag. Talk about funny - that would be hysterical!

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