Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sometimes I REALLY hate Associated Content

Let me just put it out there - sometimes I really do hate Associated Content. Sure, I could not deal with them but let's face it - I am in some hella debt and they pay out 3 times a week for articles. So, I can't overlook that extra income for debt paydown. It sucks, but it is the way of life and the situation that I have gotten myself into.

So, why exactly do I hate them today?

Well, see, they have this new Call for Content thing that started up a few weeks ago. And in this they post what articles they are looking for and how much (if anything) they will pay for them. Then, if you see something that you want to write about you claim it and write about. Until yesterday, you could claim 5 articles at once. Now you can only claim 3 articles at once. That bites.

So, I have been snapping up those since there is a definite dollar amount attached and with normal articles you send to them you never really know if they are going to lowball you or give you what you are worth.

So, now we get today and my current beef with them. One of the articles that I snapped up on the call for content was a $6.50 article on 2008 Chevy Malibu preview. I carefully poured over the article requirements before writing this article yesterday. Before submitting said article I read over the requirements again.

Today I get notice from them that they have rejected it because it did not meet the qualifications set forth in the call for content. Like hell it didn't. But that was not what got me mad. It was the next line. It said I should resubmit for no payment because I would get page view bonuses.

Yes, that's right they wanted me to change upfront payment to no payment and give them this article as an exclusive article, which means I couldn't reprint it anywhere. Yeah, right!

The other calls for content that I did were $4 a pop, so I have to wonder if they are just trying to get these articles for free and never wanted to pay the $6.50. I did get paid for the $4 ones though.

I hate them. I can't wait until my debts are paid off and I don't have to sell articles for chump change to Associated Content.

And as for page views, I'm going to post that article somewhere else on the web. Maybe people searching for it will find it and I'll get some adsense money.


justin said...

I got my 7.50 for the malibu article and 7.50 for a Pontiac G8. I'm waiting for the Corolla one right now. I was an auto technician for a while so I blew through those with ease, but they have been lowballing me with other offers, so I haven't been doing much writing lately.

shawna said...

I waited until the last minute to turn it in, so I am thinking maybe they were happy with what they had from other people. I did the Corolla one too, but no word on it yet.