Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A mac & cheese restaurant?

I was looking at the articles on Entrepreneur and came across an article on one-hit wonder businesses. It is about businesses that are making money by focusing on only one thing.

There is a restaurant that only serves mac & cheese. It serves it many ways - but that is all it serves. And it's making money.

There is a restaurant that only serves grilled cheese sandwiches.

Craziness. I think I have read before too about a place that only sells PB&J sandwiches.

Such a simple idea,but so profitable. I need one of those!

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shannon said...

Yeah, I've been to a PBJ place in an airport somewhere. Not my thing, but I can see how it's popular. I've also been to another place that isn't ONLY mac and cheese, but it IS their main focus. They only have a few other items (hamburgers and teh like, no real "entrees"). I would think it would be difficult to get a restaurant loan for a venture like that, but apparently trends are better to finance!