Friday, October 5, 2007

If I had a personal finance time machine...

and I could go back and change just ONE thing I know exactly what it would be.

Going to college.

Now, before you jump up and shout to the heavens how college degrees mean more pay and what not, let me explain what I mean for that.

If I could go back and change one personal finance related mess-up it would be paying for college with loans. If I could not get scholarships to cover classes then I wouldn't have gone. Or I would have looked for a job that reimbursed me to go to school. Sure, it would have taken way longer to actually get through school, but I would be in such a better position right now. And I would have valued the education more - you know, with less skipping class and such.

The total student loan debt in my household is currently at $153,809.41.

As the dual degree holder, the majority of that debt is mine. In fact, my portion of that is a whopping $105,315.87. Now, it did not start out that high. As I have mentioned on here before I got suckered into some of those 10% interest private education loans when I was going to UCF in Orlando. And unlike most student loans, those started accruing interest from day one.


The monthly payments for those babies are $685.60. Let's assume that I pay on them for 20 years. If I did not have to pay on the loans but instead were able to invest that exact amount each month for 20 years earning 8% I would end up somewhere around $400,000.

Wow, that really makes me sick to my stomach.

Do you have one thing you would change?


Sheryl said...

I completely agree with you. Seems like student loans will linger over you about as long, and in some cases, credit card debt. Like your blog, so I'm going to add a link to mine. Good luck.

frugal zeitgeist said...

Oh yeah. I wouldn't have gotten married. I knew we were financially incompatible, but I had no idea how incredibly hard it was going to be. The ten grand I dropped on the divorce was the best ten grand I've ever spent.

Before you ask, the answer is no; I didn't get one red cent of alimony or settlement.

shawna said...

Thanks Sheryl - I will check out your blog too!

FZ - ouch, ten grand on divorce. I had no idea it could cost that much.