Saturday, September 29, 2007

NetBank no more

I mentioned not too long ago that I was making the transition over to Electric Orange because I was tired of getting screwed by my bank. Now I see why they were screwing me. Apparently they needed the cash as my bank is/was NetBank. Grrr.

In case you haven't heard, regulators have shut down NetBank and ING is taking over the accounts. That is kinda funny since I was already transitioning over to them. I found out about this not from NetBank but from MyMoneyBlog this morning. Nice to see that NetBank kept up the screwing till the end, eh?

So, I guess now I really need to step up my account transitioning over to Electric Orange. I think I have stopped all of the auto debits. Now I just need to do things like change my PayPal info and such. What a pain. But I need to wait on doing all that till after I pay rent next week.

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