Thursday, September 6, 2007

Get nekkid - save money

Another post that caught my eye today was over at Saving Advice and says that Nudism Can Save You Money. Say what? After my initial laughter I was ready to actually read the post in its entirety.

Here's how being a nudist saves you cash:
  • spend less doing laundry
  • your clothes last longer so you don't buy clothes as often
  • you don't have to crank the AC cause you're not wearing clothes!
  • you get some sun and Vitamin D so you save on health costs
  • you don't have as much stuff, I guess cause you don't have pockets for it! heh
  • you don't grow up to be a social disaster cause you are not "materially oriented"
  • you have less stress that others, which leads to better health
While it is funny to think about, there are actually some pretty valid points in the article. But I don't expect I'll start taking up the nudist way of life anytime soon. Or ever really. But I suppose it is nice to see that if all else fails, you can save money by going naked. :)

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