Sunday, September 2, 2007

Debt round up #7

Thanks to me putting some event tickets on my AMEX I have increased my credit card debt for the month. Other debt looks like it might have decreased though.

As of 8/31/07, here is where I stand:
  • Car loan = $12,773.61
  • Credit cards = $30,743.88
  • School loans = $153,909.70
And now we say "ouch." On top of buying event tickets that I did not really need I had a crapload of birthdays in August that I had to buy gifts for and travel to parties to, which meant more gas money.

In looking at my spending tracking spreadsheet though celebrations are in order for food spending. We only spent $61 dining out in August, down from about $100 last month and over $150 the month before. Compared with two months ago overall food expenditures (grocery and dining out) is down by a little over $200. Hooray!

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