Thursday, August 2, 2007

Debt roundup #6

Last month I wanted to make $2400 in alternative income so that I could attack a credit card with a nasty APR....that didn't happen. I blame it on Harry Potter taking up a lot of time.

I did make almost $1100 in alternative income. I started out the month strong but lost steam as time wore on. I have renewed my dedication to meeting the $2400 mark this month and think it will be a goal I can reach as there will be no distractions (harry potter) this month.

This month also offers up an extra paycheck, which is awesome. I'm hoping for next month's debt totals to show a big drop after I get to pay off a chunk!

Here's where the debt stands as of 7/31/07:
  • car loan = $13,016.03
  • credit cards = $30,383.49
  • school loans = $153,969.50

And if you're wondering, no, the degrees were not worth all of that debt. :)

As for my job hunt, I just found out that local employer has closed an office in Illinois and will be moving about 50 positions in Finance/Accounting to the offices here. If you're in central Ohio and want info, drop me a comment. I do not know pay rate or exact positions as my contact just found out yesterday about the openings - but I can tell you where to send your resume!

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Matt said...

School loans have the drawback of taking a very long time to payback. I paid for my degree as I was working-going to school (university of Pheonix). I'm torn about getting more degrees because of the huge cost associated with it. The return on investment with a higher degree is very long (unless you happen to be in a handful of ivy league schools)