Monday, August 27, 2007

Associated Content frustrations

The past three times that the page view bonus has update on Associated Content I have been eligible for payout, which is $15, but I haven't gotten paid.

The first time it happened I chalked it up to a glitch in their system and me not really being above $15.

The second time it happened I thought maybe they just overlooked me and would get me next time around.

This time I'm just mad because my bonus is almost $29, which is one dollar shy of being two Capital One minimum payments!

So, I emailed them and got no response. After poking around the message board I see that I'm not the only one in this boat. I decided that if come Saturday morning if I have not gotten an email back or gotten the payment that I will begin sending them an email a day until I hear/get something.

My offers have also gotten disappointingly low. So low in fact that it's better for me to do a 100-word paid review most times.


MoneyDummy said...

What do you mean by "disappointingly low"? Also, when you say paid reviews, are you referring to the AC reviews, or the sponsored posts on here?

shawna said...

I've been doing articles on a similar theme in a series and getting $6 each and suddenly the amount changed to $3.11 even though the page views are high.

And by paid reviews I mean on ReviewMe or PayPerPost since the lowest they pay is $5 and the word count can be a lot less than for AC!