Tuesday, August 28, 2007

7 money-related things I regret doing

I saw a great post over at Blunt Money on the top 7 money related regrets and wanted to do my own list.

  1. Taking out more in student loans than I needed for classes. I spent the extra on traveling. D'oh.
  2. Spending my first 2 years of college at an expensive private school instead of at a community college. Most of my classes didn't transfer to the public school I got my degree from.
  3. Paying for my master's degree myself instead of finding a job that did tuition reimbursement.
  4. Selling my previous paid off car just because I wanted a new car.
  5. Not saving my money as a teen.
  6. Cashing out a 401K after leaving a job when I didn't know any better. D'oh.
  7. Signing up for all of the credit cards! Big d'oh and a swift kick in the arse.

Thankfully I feel a bit smarter about things now. So, I suppose this list could look a bit worse.

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