Thursday, July 19, 2007

stupid money decisions

It's really quite unfortunate that time travel is not a reality. I have a lot of stupid money mistakes I have made in the past that i'd really like to be able to go back and fix about now.

I'd really like to go back to right before I got my first job and teach myself about compound interest. That would really change the situation I've gotten myself into now.

I'd also like to tell myself that buying a new wardrobe every month at American Eagle when I was in high school really did nothing to improve my quality of life or make high school any more enjoyable.

I'd also like to stop myself from buying a $600 prom dress my senior year. That I wore only one time. And I had a horrible time and ended up leaving early.

I'd like to have started out at a community college for two years instead of a private school for two years that I ended up leaving for a state school. And the bulk of my credits didn't transfer. I'd also like to smack myself everytime I took out a student loan.

Maybe I wouldn't have moved around so much either, cause that has certainly taken its financial toll.

I also wish I'd never bought a car that cost more than $5,000. Any of the times I bought a car. Cause the $1000 1991 Nissan 240SX I bought 2 years ago has been one of the best running cars I've ever had.

Of course I would not have gotten credit cards just to get a college logo t-shirt either.

And all the buying of junk that I didn't need. Dvds, cds, clothes, and the list goes on.

It's sad really, to think how different things could have been if I'd had a bit more financial knowledge. The bright side is that I can change things now, but I'd still time travel if I could.

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Matt said...

But without making those mistakes sometimes you just won't get it. If I had been able to go back in time to try stopping myself from making my financial mistakes I think it would take a lot of convincing in some of those situations.

Not to mention I learned a lot because of them that wasn't financial.