Wednesday, June 13, 2007

For those of you using Associated Content...

For some time now I've been writing tripe articles for Associated Content for tiny amounts of money per article. Yesterday, I was looking around the message board over on AC and found a thread titled something along the lines of "Associated Content is a Scam" so of course I clicked on it immediately.

Seems someone had found something on wikipedia that pointed to AC being a scam, but one of the later posters wanted to let everyone know that he had tagged it for deletion. This meant that no one else could see it.

Ah, thank goodness for cached pages. I've copied what the page used to say below (spelling errors are theirs). I suspected they were doing something like this, which is why I submit most of my articles as non-exclusive.

Cons Of Associated Content
The Cons Of Associated Content, yes its true, yet another website claiming to pay for your writing, while in fact paying you they also Steal! your content and post elsewhere to thier own benifit.

I,ve seen so many, many, people yelling and screaming about "AC SCAMMED

I guess its true, after about a year with AC i found that i was getting a flat fee of $5 for every article i posted, and after searching in dogpile searh, I found my article posted under "AcAdmin - The proud owner of", who was a REAL user on sites like Helium Knowladge,
E-pinions, and others, taking mine and other's content and MAKING MONEY OFF IT!

So you think to your self, how dare they, now tell me, is Associated Content really a site you want to trust with YOUR work?


thats what they are.

A bunch of scam artists running another, yes another BS scam, costing us all money, and taking, OUR content. Tsk Tsk.

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NSM said...

Nice article. I checked out some of your ads and added auctionads to my own blog.

Good luck getting out of debt. Wouldn't it be just so terrific! Hang on, it'll happen…

autoprt said...
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