Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm an over-prepper

I had my interview for the higher position at my current place of employment - I went in armed with all sorts of knowledge in regards to salary. I had a list of questions to make me look super smart and super interested in the position. The questions, I was able to use and they worked like a charm. The salary info - I didn't get to use cause we didn't discuss that. They are interviewing outside candidates as well, and after all that they will bring people in for a second interview. Bah.

All in all though, it seemed to go well. Surprisingly, it was one of my better interviews as far as my performance. I should really prep like this for all interviews. It's hard though when you are being interviewed by someone in HR who does not know the position well and such. And about half the time interviews seem to be with this sort of HR screener person.

The way that I see it, even if I don't get it, I'm better armed for other interviews.

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