Friday, April 20, 2007

question and answer

Anonymous asks: Are you focusing on how much a job pays or finding something that you like and can excel at?

I say: Can't you do both? But honestly, I am looking in my field, it's not as if I am seeking out high dollar sales jobs (ick) just because of the money. I want to get paid what I am worth. And I need to make a certain amount to meet my monthly bills. If I end up with anything over that I will be over the moon.

On the flip side, I want to be my own boss someday, which is why I'm toiling away on a business idea in my spare time. The high points of my goals are paying off all my debt and eventually moving overseas - with the move being the end-point on the goal totem pole. And the journey - job hunting, business planning, etc - is all what I'm making up as I go. So, I guess the long answer is I'm looking for a job that helps me complete the journey to reach the end goal.

The job I am at now, which I loathe, I took because the parent company is in London and I was hoping for a transfer after a few years. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my office was one of buyouts (where they bought up a bunch of smaller companies) and they don't take people for the overseas main offices from the buyouts. The lesson here was that I was trying to jump ahead. I mean, I cannot move overseas until the debt is paid off because it would be too much of a burden. I was focused on the wrong thing, but now I'm back on track.

...that's kind of a long, rambling answer...I hope it makes sense....

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Adam said...

Why don't you just start applying to jobs overseas? You could jump ahead even further. :)

There are plenty of jobs over here... and both the euro and the pound are stronger than the US$, meaning you should be able to pay off your loans quicker. Why not send your CV to the London parent... job transitions don't have to be transfers.