Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goals update

Well, I have already met my budgeted amount for food for the month. I guess I need to realize that eating healthy means you cannot save as much money as you might like to. So, I'll have to rework my budget a bit for next month.

My quest for alternative income is going even better that I had imagined. By mid-month I'd already met my goal of $250.

I have a viable business idea, finally. I think it will take till the end of summer to prepare to launch it. Hopefully we can stay focused these next 3 months so that we will be ready to run with it come August.

And, I'm not going to the full-price movie theater again, except for Harry Potter. You see, there is a theater near me that plays older movies and has $1 Tuesdays and $0.50 Thursdays. I've been going to this place whenever I want to see something (Happy Feet just left there). But, last night I went to the AMC at the mall because I had to see the Aqua Teen movie. And I didn't think it would come to the cheapie theater. After spending $17 for the two of us, I realized I probably could have spent that on the DVD when it's released instead. Or used that for a case of Smart Water. Or a credit card payment. Ah, buyer's remorse. At least it was a fun movie.

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