Wednesday, April 4, 2007

dining out - why do I do it?

It seems like the universe is conspiring to either help me save money or take away things that were enjoyable.

I'm trying this only dining out once a week thing, which I think will go over just fine. So, last night I go out to my fave restaurant....and it was just horrible. The food took over an hour to get to the table and when it did it was just pitiful. I get almost the same thing every time I'm there, so I know what it's supposed to look/taste like. After that less than edible meal, I declared I was done eating there. A similar situation happened the week before at my 2nd favorite restaurant. And before that I had the coupon fiasco at my other fave restaurant.

So there it is. The 3 places that I go to over and over when dining out - they disgust me now. I so totally see my restaurant spending declining. I just wish I could have back that $19 I spent last night for that horrible meal. That would have been a credit card payment, or a tank of gas (well almost a tank of gas with these blasted prices).

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