Thursday, March 15, 2007

The spreadsheet of doom

Budgeting is tough work.

It's true.

As of now I only have a rough budget, since this is my first month tracking my spending. Thankfully I've been really good about remembering to write down what I spend, and sometimes just the thought of having to add something to what I lovingly call "The Spreadsheet of Doom" will be enough to make me not spend any money.

But it's hard to try to fit into the parameters I want to give myself. For instance, I would like to spend no more than $300 a month (for 2 people) on groceries and dining out. After a trip to the store tonight, that only leaves $17 for the rest of the month. Oy vey. So, maybe I'll do better next month?

It's also frustrating when you do not have the amount of money coming in that you want/need. While it is frustrating, I am optimistic that something will come through that is a good fit for me both personally and financially.

And until then, I'll keep plugging away at The Spreadsheet of Doom.

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