Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quest goals for March

Here's a list of the things I hope to accomplish in March, in no particular order:

  • Find a job for now so that I will have some money coming in
  • Come up with some business ideas
  • Have at least one business idea that I can work on
  • Make some money online via things like AdSense
  • Sell stuff I don't need on eBay
  • Stop buying stuff I don't need
  • Minimize dining out and only order water to drink when I do
  • Try to pay off at least one credit card

See how much money I need to make to live each month

Selling stuff on eBay will be no problem as I have stuff I need to get rid of. Finding a job for now shouldn't be too difficult. It probably won't be an MBA job but just a crappy $15/hr type of job, but that will suffice....for now. However, having to take a job to pay bills will reduce the amount of time I can spend working on the quest. Rock, meet hard place. I should also mention that I do not live alone, so I'll be supporting two people. My other half is a writer and could conceivably make some cash but no guarantees there. Yes, yes, I know she could get a job, but I promised her I would give her a year to focus on her writing because if she can sell something the quest will get to play giant leap frog on the cash front. She also shot an independent film last year that she is editing now and good things could come from that. But for now, no cash from that avenue, just from me.

Next step - figuring out how much I owe, and how much I have to pay out for living expenses, etc. each month.

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