Monday, March 12, 2007

Grocery shopping, argh

The one area of my budget that I always seem to have problems with is the grocery part. I seem to have no problem lowering the electric, gas or water bills, but try as I might I just can't curb the grocery spending.

I make sure I don't shop when I'm hungry. I read the sale papers. I plan my meals. I use coupons.

I'll have a few trips where I don't devitate from the list, use loads of coupons and score some schweet deals. Then I'll have trips where I end up with 2 bags of stuff that cost over $40!

It's rather frustrating.

I think I need to be better about using what is in the pantry and just going to the store for things like milk & fruit regularly. I say this because my pantry is stocked and I went to the store tonight because I needed milk and bread and ended up spending $35. So, that's it. I need to make better use of things that I already have. Maybe that should be a goal for next month?


change is a good thing said...

It does take work to get the grocery budget down, but I know you can do it if you really try. You're off to a good start just by realizing that you have plenty of food in your pantry. Make do with what you have. Maybe only go to the store with enough cash for what is on your list. That might help.

shawna said...

Hrm, that might not be a bad idea as I think I would rather not get something if I didn't have enough cash than take the walk of shame to put some stuff back :) Thanks for the idea!

Living Almost Large said...

I find that list shopping is good. Plan around what is on sale for the week, is the best way to save money.

I was wondering could you email some details about your MBA? I'm curious about what you made before and after, and if it is worth it.

DH is doing MBA and we're just wondering how much more he'll be making. Right now he's making good money, so we're just trying to figure stuff out. Thanks a lot!