Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Starting out all wrong

So, I just had this epiphany which led to the quest yet the timing is rather wrong. See, I just moved out of state and am presently unemployed. I can't say I'm jonesing to get another job either. I should be. I mean, it will be my first job with the MBA, so it should pay rather well. Still, I do not look forward to it. The job I left was at the North American Headquarters of Nissan where I worked as a Fixed Asset Accountant. Talk about mind-numbing! It was horrible! The pay was good for the city I was in, at least for me that is. They had some people from their Indian office there and I once heard my boss talking about their salary...their pay was $3.75/hr...and they were all CPAs in India! What an atrocity. Jobs tasks aside, Nissan was pretty shitty in general. They have this employee campaign called 'ValueUp' and it's all about halping to save the company money and one of the points it Frgal, where they actually have printed on posters " Frugal - not cheap" and this was actually said at an all-employee meeting. Yet, no one in my department had real trashcans, instead there were copy paper boxes with a liner in it -- that was changed out once a week! I hate to tell them, but this is the very definition of cheap. Cheap bastards.

Well, cheap bastards aside, I hate accounting. That's why I don't want to job hunt. See, I know that I will end up in another accounting job for several reasons. They always seem to pay the best. It's where most of my experience is.

Not only are accounting jobs super lame, boring and tedious, but I don't like handling other people's money.

So, that's why I need to find an alternative. I'm smart, I have an MBA, I can be an entrepreneur! I have a little money saved up and I just got my tax return refund. Now all I need is a business idea with low startup costs and huge revenue potential. Or maybe a bunch of ideas with small revenue potential that can equal big revenue all together. Until that happens, there's always Google Adsense. I found a blog where a girl is trying to make money online and she has made some AdSense money. Not a lot, but some is better than none. So, if you're reading this - click away on the AdSense links! please :)

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