Thursday, May 10, 2007

The most ridiculous items on eBay that I must have

Focusing on paying off debt is hard stuff. And it sucks a lot of the time. So, to keep myself focused on the goals, I have a list of things that I want to do once I pay off all the debt. Of course, all of these things will be paid for with cash, as to not get any new debt. So, when I pay off all my debt, these will be my rewards.

The most ridiculous items on eBay that I must have when I pay off my debt:
  1. A drawing of Paris Hilton in Jail, currently $2.00
  2. The sexy apple, only $1.00 to bid
  3. Hot, juicy letters from 'me' for one year, only $0.99 to bid
  4. The fake doctor's note, only $4.99
  5. My imaginary friend's favorite things, with free used imaginary friend, currently $0.01

Here's what I'm thinking. My new used imaginary friend and I will use the fake doctor's note to miss work, which won't be a big deal financially as I'll be debt free by this point. Then we will read the hot, juicy letters from 'me' while we ponder what to do with the sexy apple. Then, we will look at the drawing of Paris Hilton in jail and realize that she needs the sexy apple more than we do, the poor thing. See how fun it will be to be debt free. I can't wait!

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I laughed, especially at the imaginary friend one.
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